Fighting the virus together

Like us, we know you may have concerns about the coronavirus.  

COVID-19 has become an extra challenge for cocoa farmers. Also in these difficult times, we are committed to secure the future of chocolate and all people involved.

An exceptional world of exceptional chocolate

An exceptional world of exceptional chocolate

Cacao-Trace is a sustainable cocoa sourcing programme that focuses on better tasting chocolate, and in the process creates value for all, from farmer to consumer.


Our chocolate is obtained from the highest quality beans, fermented and dried according to strict guidelines. In our post-harvest centres close to cocoa farmers, expert fermenters monitor and improve the fermentation process. This ensures a consistent superior taste for chocolate lovers, and more income for farmers.


Training and premium pricing for cocoa farmers are part of our programme but we are always looking for new ways to improve their lives. With the Chocolate Bonus, we share the value of a higher quality chocolate back: €0.10 per kilo of chocolate sold, goes directly back to the cocoa farming communities we work with.